Gas pipeline crossing the hills, south San Francisco bay, San Jose, California

Pipeline Safety

More than 2.5 million miles of natural gas, liquid petroleum and hydrogen pipelines cross the United States. This infrastructure is critical to our energy...
blurry keyboard with a clear fingerprint on one of the keys

Biometric Standards for Law Enforcement

Border security, crime investigations, background checks and access control all rely on certain organizations being able to seamlessly exchange biometric data...
blue background with white letters and numbers denoting coding

Software Usability

Companies in every industry need software that their employees and customers can easily learn to use without error, but for years there was no way for them to...
A streaked image of a taxi and a dark car driving in Times Square, New York City street at night.

Fare Standards for Rideshare Services

To calculate fares, app-based ride services such as Lyft and Uber don’t use traditional taxi meters, but instead combine data from GPS and cellular networks to...


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