Spotlight on a Baldrige Examiner: Bill Craddock

Posted by Dawn Marie Bailey While the annual online application for the 2017 Board of Examiners has now closed, we are always looking for ways to celebrate...

Don’t Let Your Business Be Digitally Kidnapped

I don’t normally watch horror movies, but there is a correlation between the movie “Saw” and ransomware, in particular a variant called JIGSAW. This is pretty...

Building Employee Trust: Tips Validated by the Baldrige Excellence Framework

By Christine Schaefer In an online Harvard Business Review article this month, Sue Bingham, an expert on creating high-performing workplaces, addresses a...

Future Uncertain? Focus on Efficiency, Stewardship

Posted by Dawn Marie Bailey With new policies and directions from an incoming Presidential administration, and the news media theorizing about uncertain...
Taking Measure

Developing the APTitude to Design New Materials, Atom-by-Atom

Cars, buildings, computer chips, you and me and the air we breathe, everything is made of atoms. We learn this in elementary school, because, well, it’s an...


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