NIST Impacts: Low GHG Refrigerants

Hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants are potent greenhouse gases (GHG) that are being phased down by the U.S. and 196 other countries under the Montreal...
Rendering of a new Honeywell plant

NIST Impacts: Automotive Refrigerants

Traditional auto air conditioning refrigerants have high global warming potentials, but finding better refrigerants with the right properties has been a major...
atom-based magnetic sensor

NIST Impacts: Brain Mapping

Magnetic signals produced by electrical currents in the brain can be used to map brain processes and help in the diagnosis and treatment of disease...
Visual representation of a Hankel function for complex variables

NIST Impacts: Mathematical Modeling

Mathematical modeling provides information that is difficult to obtain from experimentation alone and can, therefore, save scientists and engineers time and...

2017 - Presidential Rank Award---Benz

Dr. Benz is recognized for his work in developing, improving and disseminating the quantum voltage standards that underpin all precision voltage measurements in the U.S. and in much of the world. Measurements based directly on Benz's innovations are critical to our nation's infrastructure, help ensure fair commercial trade in electric power globally, make possible the ultra-high accuracy measurements required by today's modern electronics and microelectronics industries, and enhance the nation's economic competitiveness.


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