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Computing with Single Atoms

As features on silicon microchips continue to shrink, the final frontier of miniaturization is a transistor on the scale of a single atom – a technology that

Five NIST Scientists Win APS Awards

Five scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have won major awards from the American Physical Society, the nation's largest

Gauging the Hue of the Sea

The world's oceans face multiple threats, and fisheries, marine biologists, and environmental scientists need accurate and timely data about changing conditions

Earth Science: Seeing the Surface Clearly

Satellite observation has revolutionized our understanding of terrestrial conditions and climate dynamics. But the measurement science is extremely demanding

Tiny Magnetic Sensor Deemed Attractive

Ultra-sensitive magnetic sensor technology pioneered at PML may soon be commercialized for a host of applications from detection of unexploded bombs and

Protecting Vacuum Gauges: Patent Pending

PML researchers have applied for a provisional patent on a device to protect expensive "spinning-rotor" high-vacuum gauges – used as transfer standards and

Trouble with a Capital 'G'

NIST has taken part in a new push to address a persistent and growing problem in physics: the value of G. The Newtonian constant of gravitation, used to