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Perspectives on the Joint Quantum Institute

President Mote of the University of Maryland

"The world is on the verge of a new technological revolution as the strange, atomic-scale properties of quantum physics become relevant and exploitable for human-scale information science and technology. Each of these institutions already leads key aspects of quantum-related research. By combining these great strengths, the new Joint Quantum Institute promises to push quantum prototypes from their current primitive, 'first transistor' stage into quantum technology reality."

Bill Jeffrey, NIST director

"Already, applications like quantum computers, secure communication, and post-CMOS electronics are being dreamed of ­ but this is just the start of a technology revolution that is likely to transform many industries several decades in the future. The ultimate goal of the JQI is to build a world-class institute that pushes the frontier of this new field, attracts the top scientists and students, and helps to ensure that the United States leads in this exciting area."  

Frederick R. Chang, Director of Research, National Security Agency

"The unification of nineteenth century classical particle and wave dynamics resulted in twentieth century quantum mechanics whose technological byproducts include the transistor, the laser, the atomic clock, and the MRI. The Joint Quantum Institute promises to become a leading force in quantum information science, the twenty-first century attempt to unify quantum mechanics and information theory, a powerful synthesis with genuinely profound, long-term technological implications."

Senator Barbara Mikulski

"This powerful new partnership between the University, NIST, and NSA three great Maryland institutions—will expand our nation's computing power and lead to profound effects on our economy and national security. As the senior Democrat on the Appropriations Subcommittee that funds NIST, and a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, I will continue to fight for federal investment in this cutting edge research."  

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Created February 29, 2012, Updated January 8, 2018