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The Glass is More than Half Full

NIST SRM 1412a Multicomponent Glass (disk form)

SRM 1412a  Multicomponent Glass

What:  SRM 1412a is a custom glass composition with 18 certified values designed for elemental analysis of a wide range of glass compositions for manufacturing specifications and restricted substances regulations.

Why:  ASTM International Committee C14 on Glass and Glass Products supported this SRM, because industry needs it to validate test methods for compositional analysis of a wide range of glass products. They also need a reference material to underpin required analyses of declarable and restricted substances in glass, including antimony, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, lead, and silver.

Who:  SRM 1412a is used in the laboratories of glass manufacturing plants, manufacturers who use glass to make an incredible range of products, and independent laboratories, who support businesses without in-house analysis capabilities. SRM 1412a should also be useful to geochemists, who often use glass reference materials in mineralogy laboratories.

How:  SRM 1412a is intended for use in validation of test methods for elemental analysis of the wide range of glass compositions. It can be used to validate value assignment of in house reference materials used for routine quality assurance and statistical control of test methods. It is expected it will be frequently used with X-ray fluorescence spectrometry, but it can be used with destructive test methods, too.

Released July 2, 2019