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Healthcare and Food Safety

NIST SRM 3030 Monomethylarsonic Acid Standard Solution

SRM 3030, 3031, 3033, and 3034

NIST SRM 3030 Monomethylarsonic Acid Standard Solution
NIST SRM 3031 Dimethylarsinic Acid Standard Solution
NIST SRM 3033 Arsenobetaine Standard Solution 
NIST SRM 3034 Arsenocholine Standard Solution

What:  These four SRMs are intended for arsenic speciation measurements for the calibration of monomethylarsonic acid, dimethylarsinic acid, arsenobetaine, and arsenocholine, respectively.  Each SRM
consists nominal 10 mL of the SRM in two 5 mL amber glass ampoules.
These four SRMs are specially created, low alloy steel compositions containing numerous elements governed by alloy manufacturing specifications. 

Why:  These SRMs provide metrology traceability in the measurement of arsenic species.  They are critically needed in healthcare and food safety measurements.   

Who: The customers that use these SRMs are government laboratories in U.S. State Health Departments, CDC, FDA, EPA, and industrial laboratories in clinical, environmental, and food testing.

How:  These SRMs represent a set of highly characterized arsenic species that should be used as calibrants to establish SI traceability in the measurement of arsenic species in clinical specimens and food samples.


Released February 12, 2019