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Danger - Do Not Look Directly at Laser

NIST SRM 606 Trace Elements in Basalt Glass

SRM 606 Trace Elements in Basalt Glass

What: SRM 606 provides a solid sample for the analysis for trace elements in a natural ferro-magnesian silicate glass.

Why: Natural glass is formed when sand and/or rocks are heated to high temperatures and then cooled rapidly.  This naturally occurring glass SRM will serve as a needed calibration material.

Who: Academic institutions and instrument manufacturers that utilize laser ablation ICP-MS and other analytical solid sampling techniques.

How: Solid sampling analytical techniques such as µXRF and laser ablation ICP-MS allow for the direct analysis of solid samples.   However, the solid matrix has an effect on the analysis that requires matrix matched or near- matrix matched standards for reliable instrument calibration and element quantification

Released January 28, 2019