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Carcinogens in My Food - No Thank You

NIST SRM 3253 Yerba Mate Leaves


SRM 3253 Yerba Mate Leaves

What: SRM 3253 is a ground, commercially available yerba mate with certified and  reference  mass fraction  values  assigned  for  select  polycyclic  aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).

Why: This SRM was developed to address the need of measuring PAHs in food matrices. Contamination from carcinogens such as PAHs may be of concern for foods prepared at high temperatures, such as the leaves of yerba mate, which are often dried over wood burning fires. The dried leaves are then steeped to prepare a hot drink, which may contain high concentrations of PAHs and may pose a health risk to consumers.

Who:  Food  manufacturers,  government  laboratories,  academic  researchers,  contract  testing  laboratories,  and instrument manufacturers.

How: Validating methods for determining PAHs in yerba mate or similar matrices, and can also be used for quality assurance when assigning values to in-house control materials.

Released November 20, 2018, Updated January 9, 2020