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NIST Gaithersburg to Close at 12 noon Friday, Jan. 22

Due to an anticipated snowstorm with blizzard conditions and winds expected up to 30 mph, NIST Gaithersburg will open on time on Friday, Jan. 22, but will close at 12 noon.

Conferences or meetings scheduled after 12 noon are cancelled or postponed.

Below is guidance for NIST employees:

  • Designated emergency employees must report for work and remain at work as scheduled. 
  • The site is closed at 12 noon for onsite business and no public access is permitted after 12 noon. 
  • This is a staggered departure. Employees may depart four hours after reporting for duty, but all are encouraged to depart no later than 12 noon.  
  • Telework-ready employees must follow DOC/NIST guidance and the terms of their agreements. If these employees have reported to NIST Gaithersburg for duty, they are not required to telework or request leave for the remainder of the day.  
  • Non-emergency employees/associates who are currently authorized 24x7 access and who have a legitimate requirement to access the site, can be granted access or remain on site subject to site conditions.  
  • Non-emergency employees must notify their supervisor of their intent to use unscheduled leave or unscheduled telework.
Released January 22, 2016, Updated November 27, 2017