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News and Updates

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Top 5 NIST PSCR Articles of 2019

From technology deployments to prize challenges and outreach across the country (and abroad), 2019 was a tremendously successful year for NIST's Public Safety

The Spectronn SiFi Router

Resilient communications and computing are key metrics for public safety applications and services. If the transmission of mission-critical data relies solely

Spotlight: PSCR Haptics Challenge

Sensing through the smoke — in a dangerous environment with low visibility, firefighters can’t always rely on their eyes alone. That’s where haptic feedback

PSCR Engages with Industry at CES2019

By PSCR Staff In January 2019, a small group of PSCR staff, students, and affiliates journeyed to Las Vegas, Nevada for four days of exhibition at the

New Wireless Networks Division Publication!

New documentprovides both an overview and technical details of test scenarios for checking the protocol implementation of the 3rd Generation Partnership Project

Prize Competition Winners Announced!

Advancing Methods In Differential Privacy The top three winners of PSCR's first data challenge, Advancing Methods in Differential Privacy, have been selected

NEW Mission Critical Voice Publication!

Author(s) Jesse M. Frey, Jaden K. Pieper, Silas T. Thompson Abstract Mouth-to-Ear (M2E) latency describes the time it takes speech input in a voice

Deployable Networks R&D Summit Highlights

PSCR hosted a two-day Next Generation Deployable Networks R&D Summit on October 18-19 at the NIST Boulder Labs. The Summit gave stakeholders an opportunity to