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Quantum Spin Squeezing Gets Real

Today's atomic clocks are ridiculously accurate. The best of them tell time so well that if they had been running since the Big Bang, by now they would not have

RFPs: The Best and the Brightest

How, precisely, does disease begin and progress in a single cell? To fully understand such processes on the smallest scales, scientists need a way to peer deep

It's About Time—But Also Much More

40° 0.435', -105° 16.116'—that's where I work. I know this because my smart phone says so. The same phone that woke me up in the morning, reminded me to give my

Construction Industry Honors JILA X-Wing

JILA's new X-Wing addition has received two construction industry awards—best project in higher education/research and special judges' recognition—from the

The World's Most Stable Laser

The world's most stable laser – with frequency variation of no more than 2 parts in 10,000 trillion – has been developed and tested by an international