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NDN Community Meeting

Thu, Sep 5 - Fri, Sep 6 2019
Captions will be available by September 14, 2019. Named Data Networking Community Meeting 2019 will be hosted by the

OpenSAT19 Workshop

Tue, Aug 20 2019
The workshop is for developers to share their experiences with Speech Activity Detection (SAD), Automated Speech

5572: Contract Review

Thu, Aug 15 2019
This 2 hour webinar will introduce the fundamentals of contract review that are necessary to meet customer expectations

5571: Volume Metrology Seminar

Mon, Aug 12 - Fri, Aug 16 2019
This 5 day OWM volume metrology seminar is designed to enable metrologists to apply fundamental measurement concepts to

5601: Fundamentals of Metrology

Mon, Aug 5 - Fri, Aug 9 2019
The 5 day Fundamentals of Metrology seminar is an intensive course that introduces participants to the concepts of