Facilities in MML

Gaithersburg, MD - Headquarters Advanced Chemical Sciences Laboratory

Biomolecular Measurement
Applied Genetics
Bioanalytical Science
Biomolecular Structure and Function
Bioprocess Measurements
Mass Spectrometry Data Center

Biosystems and Biomaterials
Bioassay Methods
Cell Systems Science
Multiplexed Biomolecular Science

Chemical Sciences
Chemical Informatics Research
Chemical Process Measurements
Elemental Measurement Science
Environmental Chemical Sciences
Environmental Specimen Bank
Gas Sensing Metrology
Inorganic Measurement Science
Organic Chemical Measurement Science

Data and Informatics

Materials Measurement Science
Materials for Energy and Sustainable Development
Materials Structure and Data
Microscopy and Microanalysis Research
Nano Materials Research
Security Technologies
Surface and Trace Chemical Analysis
Synchrotron Science

Measurement Science
Informational Technology Services
Materials and Physical Services
Sales and Customer Services
Documentation and Quality Services
Web, Marketing, and Data Dissemination Services

Materials Science and Engineering
Functional Nanostructured Materials
Functional Polymers
Mechanical Performance
Polymers and Complex Fluids
Thermodynamics and Kinetics 

Boulder, CO Campus

Applied Chemicals and MaterialsBoulder, CO Laboratories
Experimental Properties of Fluids
Materials for Biological Environments
Nanoscale Reliability
Structural Materials
Theory and Modeling of Fluids
Thermodynamics Research Center

Hollings Marine Laboratory
Hollings Marine Laboratory
Charleston, SC Campus

Environmental Chemical Sciences
Environmental Specimen Bank

Institute for Bioscience and Biotechnology Research (IBBR)
Rockville, MD Campus Center for Advanced Research in Biotechnology

Biomolecular Structure and Function




Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY Campus 

Synchrotron ScienceBrookhaven Lab

Credit: Images, NIST

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