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Measurement Services

Cannabis Quality Assurance Program (CannaQAP)

The Cannabis Quality Assurance Program (CannaQAP) can be viewed by forensic laboratories as a perpetual interlaboratory study mechanism that is akin to a proficiency testing (PT) scheme but without the pass/fail grade. The forensic laboratories participating with CannaQAP will be able to assess their in-house measurements with the goal of improving their analytical methods. All results from CannaQAP studies are peer-reviewed and made publicly available as published NIST Internal Reports, however the identities of individual laboratories are anonymized and known only to them and NIST. Each exercise within this program will be free of charge to participants but will be required to pay shipping cost. For additional information, visit the CannaQAP website at or contact the CannaQAP Team at cannabis [at]

Reference Materials for Blood Alcohol Testing

Created July 6, 2020, Updated August 17, 2020