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Joining the nSoft Consortium

Institutions join the nSoft consortium by engaging in a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with NIST. The agreement is binding between NIST and the member, and does not include commitments between members. All work covered under the CRADA is limited to non-proprietary status and should be executed with the intent to publish in the public domain. Proprietary access to NIST resources is possible in limited cases under a supplemental agreement with a different cost structure. A sample member contract is provided at the bottom of this page, however interested parties are must begin by contacting the nSoft director to discuss the availability of membership and fit to the members needs. "For profit" institutions annually contribute $25,000 to participate in the consortium. "Not for profit" institutions contribute other resources, including research staff and materials.

Institutions, either for-profit or not-for-profit, should contact the nSoft Director (Ronald Jones, rljones [at] (rljones[at]nist[dot]gov), 301-975-4624) to inquire about membership opportunities. Interested parties will receive a statement of work, specifying the research priorities for nSoft. Interested parties are also encouraged to attend the public annual nSoft meeting, targeted for late summer of each year to learn more about nSoft, neutron characterization, and industrial engagement at NIST.

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Created March 30, 2011, Updated August 25, 2016