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As of the Summer of 2013, we discontinued distribution of SRM 2366 Cytomegalovirus (CMV) for DNA Measurements. In April of 2014, following in-house testing of the material, we released a letter notifying users and purchasers that the certifiedvalues for the number of amplifiable CMV genome copies listed in Table 1 of the Certified of Analysis (COA) are no longervalid. A re-analysis of the SRM components using digital PCR indicates evidence for variable degradation of the DNAconstruct. NIST recommends immediately discontinuing the use of SRM 2366. We truly regret that this SRM has degraded wellbefore the expiration date listed on the COA. Accordingly, NIST will issue a refund and provide a free replacement once it isavailable. Instructions are provided in the letter



PCR Detection Specific Information

Created November 03, 2009, Updated June 05, 2014