weld data handbook

The Material Measurement Laboratory (MML), in collaboration with Sandia National Laboratory, Lincoln Electric (a leading manufacturer of welding products), and Lehigh Heavy Forge (a leading producer of complex forged steel structures), has collected critical data on the welding of high-alloy steels for the 2009 American Welding Society Handbook: Materials and Application. In a chapter entitled "High Alloy Steels", MML provides advice on selection of optimal alloys, heat treatments, welding processes, and shielding gases, as well as general safety. Each of the four categories of high-alloy steels (i.e., those having total alloy additions of more than 10%) are addressed, including precipitation-hardened steels, maraging steels, nickel-cobalt alloy steels, and austenitic-manganese steels. These structural materials have either inherently high strength or achieve high strength through precipitation- or work-hardening treatments. While relatively expensive, their combination of strength and toughness make them the ultimate choice for the most demanding structures, especially in aerospace and rail track applications. The handbook is in final editing now and should be published in late 2009, as Volume 5 of the Ninth Edition.



Tom Siewert

(MML, Boulder, CO), 303-497-3523


Created April 07, 2009, Updated August 25, 2016