Cryogenic Technologies Project

The mission of the Cryogenic Technologies Project at NIST is to conduct research in cryogenics, working with industry and other government agencies in the development of new and/or improved processes and products involving cryogenic technologies.

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Major Program Elements

  • Develop advanced measurement techniques and standard measurements practices for cryogenic processes.
  • Investigate new and innovative cryogenic refrigeration processes.
  • Develop mathematical models for cryogenic processes.
  • Design and test prototype components and systems to compare performance with models to improve modeling techniques.
  • Provide critically evaluated data for the properties of solid materials at cryogenic temperature.
  • Assist in development of bibliographic database on cryogenics.
  • Conduct calibrations of cryogenic flow meters.

Cryogenic Flow Facility

The Division operates the <a href="/mml/acmd/cryogenic-flow-facility">NIST Cryogenic Flow Measurement Facility</a>, located in Boulder, Colorado.  Please follow the link to learn more about this world-class testing facility.



Industry Impacts

Researchers at the NIST Center Lightweighting Lab

NIST Impacts: Automotive Lightweighting

Automotive companies are increasingly using lightweight materials to improve vehicle fuel economy. However, incorporating those materials into new vehicles is time-consuming and costly. NIST data and models are helping automakers understand and predict how materials behave in the harsh conditions inherent to manufacturing.

NIST Impacts: Biopharmaceuticals

Protein-based biologic drugs, which are increasingly used to treat cancers, autoimmune disorders and infectious diseases, are hard to produce, store and deliver reliably. Better measurement tools developed by NIST drive innovation and lower costs associated with these drugs.

NIST Materials Scientist Michael Riley prepares a sample of material for a drop test that will reveal its ability to absorb and dissipate energy.

NIST Impacts: Head Health

Athletes, warfighters and even children riding their bikes all can benefit from better protective gear to prevent head injuries. The Head Health Challenge launched by the NFL, Under Armour, GE and NIST is inspiring new advanced materials that could provide solutions to this problem.  

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