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WVMEP Helps Pump and Valve Company Avoid Costly Move


Precision Pump & Valve Service, Inc. (PPVS) is a 3rd-generation, family-owned business founded in 1956. With factory-authorized service locations in Charleston, WV and Louisville, KY, and sales offices throughout the Ohio Valley, PPVS has built their reputation on providing quality products and services to customers in the municipal, industrial, power, chemical, and oil & gas markets. 


The Challenge

As part of an effort to better utilize existing space in their Charleston, WV facility, PPVS leadership decided to relocate their Line Valve Repair Department. Based on past successes with other projects, PPVS asked the WVMEP to assist with planning the workflows and layout.

We have had a long-standing relationship with the WVMEP that goes back several years. We were very pleased with the approach they presented us, and even more pleased to learn early on that this move would not work.  Without the assistance of the WVMEP, we would have begun moving equipment only to find midway through the move that it would not work, resulting in additional time wasted moving equipment back to its original home or by forcing the area to work, which would have led to potential safety issues and a sharp decrease in employee morale.  Simply by PPVS Management and shop employees working TOGETHER in conjunction with the WVMEP to tackle this project, we have seen not only a positive increase in employee morale, but also a much improved, efficient, organized, and SAFER work area.  As a bonus, we have also seen this “bleed over” into other departments in our facility with increased cleanliness and organization. 


This project would not have been a success without the involvement and relationship we have with the WVMEP. 

— Burt Collins, VP Operations

MEP's Role

WVMEP recommended an approach that went beyond just workflows and layout to include elements of 6S, making the Line Valve Department a pilot for 6S activities throughout the plant. The project began with the development of AutoCAD drawings for both the new area and the existing Line Valve Department to identify a physical footprint for all machinery, tools, and equipment to be included in this move. A 6S sort was conducted to ensure only the necessary machines, tools, and equipment would be relocated. Once the sort was complete, the WVMEP facilitated a workshop with leadership and the Line Valve team to discuss workflows and layout of the new area. While the square footage of the two areas were similar, it became apparent early in the workshop that the new area would not be conducive to the workflows required. After a short discussion with leadership, the decision was made to scrap the move and focus on continuing 6S efforts in the existing Line Valve Department.

Created August 4, 2022