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Voice of The Customer (VOC)


Taper Roller Bearings (TRB) was founded in 1972 designing complex tapered bearing assemblies, and built a company with the speed and precision to serve a full spectrum of clients. Today’s bearing assemblies are put to work everywhere from precision scientific equipment to assemblies for railroad engines.

The Challenge

TRB had a situation where employees were not communicating issues and concerns they had with the senior management team. Morale was poor and the shop floor was not working as a team environment.
Scott and his team were able to ask the work force questions that existing management could not, and feed that information back to management to start making the needed changes. Our success of this relationship with AKA can be measured in both hard and soft numbers. With AKA’s assistance, the culture has changed to one of open analysis and of team building.
— Tom Jones, Owner

MEP's Role

Advantage Kentucky Alliance, part of the MEP National Network™, preformed a Voice of Customer in September of 2017 and again in December of 2018. The purpose of the first Voice of Customer was to identify issues and concerns of the workforce, assemble a list of employee-based projects and implement change that would have a direct impact on the workforce. After undergoing 12 months of changes, a second Voice of Customer was performed to gauge the success of the changes, better understand additional needed changes and overall atmosphere.
Created June 2, 2020, Updated July 12, 2021