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Triton delivers Adhesive Application products to DOD


Triton Systems Inc., located in Chelmsford, MA, is a global product venturing and investment company with 25 employees. Triton creates product-driven enterprises through a proven and proprietary stage-gate “Venture-through-Invention” process, nurturing innovative ideas from concept through full commercial exploitation across multiple disciplines, markets and geographies. 

The Challenge

Triton Systems developed an adhesive technology that had the potential for multiple military applications and needed assistance in pursuing the development of specific products while also continuing to identify new product opportunities. Triton wanted to bring specific products to a stage where the Department of Defense (DOD) primes could test, validate and approve the products for use. Such products need to meet stringent military requirements including performance in temperature extremes, robustness and durability under very demanding operating environments. Current state-of-the-art materials are not able to satisfy the stringent requirements for these mission critical applications and Triton’s technology fills this important performance gap. 

Even relatively small investments at the right juncture in technology and product development and transition can make a huge impact in the commercialization results. This was clearly the case for us. Very high marks to MEP.
— Anant Singh, Executive Vice President

MEP's Role

With the assistance of MassMEP, part of the MEP National Network™, Triton Systems was able to utilize OEA grant funds, through a grant with MassDevelopment, to hire two specific technical consultants to help with this effort. As a result, Triton has been able to bring one product development effort all the way to successful approval for implementation on a military platform, and another product is in the final testing and validation phase. MassMEP also conducted a TDMI session with Triton to identify new market applications and Triton has started initial testing to exploit those new product opportunities.

Triton is already manufacturing these products at scale and with strict Quality Control (QC), and has established a network of partnerships across the entire supply chain. This has positioned Triton to deliver scaled-up products rapidly to the Department of Defense market.

Created June 2, 2020, Updated July 12, 2021