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New Product - The Journey!


Trotting On Innovations LLC is a small New Mexico company that has invented products that benefit the supplemental oxygen community, as well as other applications.  A background in Respiratory Therapy and using supplemental oxygen for several years has enabled sole owner, Middy McFarland, to use her experience to develop products for this expanding market.  Testing the products herself for several years has honed the designs.  Not only are these products useful to oxygen users, but can be applied to other purposes.


The Challenge

Trotting On Innovations LLC was formed by an inventor who wanted to get ideas to market.  Inventor Middy McFarland, proprietor of Trotting On Innovations LLC, attended several seminars on starting a business and was looking for a better way. She met Denise Williams through a mutual friend and this started the ball rolling.  Denise helped the group of inventors organize meetings with educational speakers.  These meetings have morphed into a small group of inventors who are moving forward with their inventions.

The invention road is a long lonely journey from the prototype, to funding, to organizing a business, to getting a product on the shelf; that is until you meet people like New Mexico MEP's, Denise Williams.

— Middy McFarland, Owner

MEP's Role

McFarland has attended New Mexico MEP programs such as Lean Green Manufacturing, Value Stream Mapping, and 5S System Work Place Organization.  New Mexico MEP has encouraged the inventors to practice their elevator speeches at their meetings and approach people for market research. Success in any endeavor involves networking. New Mexico MEP has connected the inventors, such as McFarland, to people across the state of New Mexico. Through New Mexico MEP, the New Mexico Small Business Assistance program funded a $20,000 grant with Los Alamos National Laboratory for a year of material research; which McFarland oversaw selection and testing.  Since there are no plastic manufacturers in the Four Corners area, McFarland has performed research in Albuquerque and Arizona areas, wanting to keep manufacturing in the United States. 


Created June 2, 2020, Updated July 12, 2021