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New Product Development Automates Process, Increases Efficiency


Located in Youngsville, Louisiana, Infinity Valve & Supply opened its doors in December of 2002. Since that time they have continuously served the Oil and Gas industry nationwide, as well as supplied valves for many customers internationally. In November 2008, Infinity Valve & Supply relocated to a new facility situated on 10 acres and comprised of a 20,000-square-foot shop area. The expansion allows them to easily manage multiple projects and enables them to maintain a large inventory of new, used, and reconditioned valves, as well as other hard to find equipment.

Infinity Valve & Supply specializes in sales and servicing of reconditioned valves such as ball valves, check valves, relief valves, and gate valves. Their staff has over 100+ years combined experience in the sale and servicing of new and reconditioned valves. Infinity offers four main services: repair, maintenance, inventory management, and valve exchange. Their highly qualified technicians are available 24 hours a day to provide timely services of ANSI & API valves, as well as other oilfield equipment. They perform onshore, offshore and in house valve servicing.

The Challenge

As a company who rebuilds oil well valves for the oil and gas industry, Infinity Valve & Supply’s process for breaking down a valve was done by hand as of 2017.  A project manager with the MEP of Louisiana (MEPOL), part of the MEP National Network™, suggested to the client that the process and equipment they required could be engineered for them and become a proprietary technology that could be sold.  The company decided to pursue the design of a new piece of equipment to automate the process for “taking apart” the valves. 

In this highly competitive market, we are always looking for ways to improve our product and our process. I turned to MEPOL for guidance.  We met several times to discuss goals and projects that would give us a competitive edge. MEPOL was instrumental in connecting us with the right professionals and grant opportunities to help us in accomplishing these goals. By automating one of our processes, we have reduced safety risks and improved efficiency. The benefits are immeasurable.


— Donna Vincent, CEO

MEP's Role

MEP of Louisiana introduced the client to a third party engineer who developed concept designs in four phases to create the new equipment with the use of Southwest Trade Adjustment Assistance Center (SWTAAC) funding. The four phases consisted of concept designs which were then modeled in 3D, preliminary drawings, final design and a final package. 

After the four phases were completed, the new piece of equipment increased efficiency and lead times as well as reduced safety issues.  Once the final package was completed, the engineering consultant had designed and engineered a separation system in accordance with the company’s operational and system requirements.

Created June 2, 2020, Updated July 12, 2021