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With MRC, Eastern Surfaces Makes Quality and Productivity Gains


Eastern Surfaces is the regional leader in the production of custom countertops for both residential and commercial use. Their product line covers the widest variety of natural stone, quartz and solid surface along with an extensive selection of colors, patterns and textures.  This combined with unrivalled industry expertise, make them an ideal countertop solution for any application

The Challenge

Faced with a need to improve efficiency while reducing costs, as well as an obligation to bring newly-promoted managers up the learning curve, Eastern Surfaces turned to MRC for assistance in Lean, Strategic Planning, Leadership Development and other support avenues.

We have a three-day production window, and when material is late, the shop has to scramble. MRC helped us find ways we can get better info. on the front end and schedule appropriately.
— Brian Rocca, President

MEP's Role

Lean Improvement efforts began with process mapping, finding the optimal customer experience and internal communication pathways. Eastern Surfaces’ internal staff brought a number of ideas to the table, and the facilitator helped to weigh various options and make unbiased decisions.

Specifically, the company sought to identify “remakes”—product that required rework—before it left the shop. At the same time, the team hoped to remedy supply chain problems that sometimes resulted in raw material arriving too late for a desired production window.

“We have a three-day production window, and when material is late, the shop has to scramble when it finally arrives,” says Eastern Surfaces’ President, Brian Rocca. MRC helped us find ways we can get better information on the front end and schedule appropriately.

As for Strategic Planning, Eastern Surfaces developed a plan to solve material and quality issues in the shop. MRC led an effort to bring company-wide focus on the issues and develop solutions for those with specific tasks.

The company also took part in Leadership Development to help newly promoted employees build the skills needed to manage effectively. The MRC CEO Forum, meanwhile, gave Rocca a chance to connect with others who understand the unique challenges of leading a small manufacturing enterprise.

“It’s always powerful to talk to people in similar positions in other industries,” Rocca says. “The forum is remarkable. Even when people come from different industries, we have so much in common. It’s great to learn how they handle situations that we can relate to and know that we’re not alone.”

Created June 2, 2020, Updated July 12, 2021