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ISO Certification Leads Company to Record Sales

With the help of: Manufacturing Works


Electrichlor, LLC is a manufacturer of industrial hypochlorite generators located in Laramie, Wyoming. Their hypochlorite generator systems are used for a wide range of applications such as: disinfection of process waters; reducing biological fouling on offshore platforms, ships, power plants, and cooling towers; remediation of select nutrients that lead to eutrophication in water bodies; processing agricultural water effluent; and ballast water treatment. Their patented, monopolar, multipass hypochlorite cells provide high energy efficiency and long life. 

The Challenge

The company's major challenges were finding an affordable commercial space, partners who could provide the required materials and services to support its business model, and business development support.  While they were able to remedy the first challenge on their own and with considerable support from their families, the latter two challenges were overcome through assistance with Manufacturing Works' (MW) Assistant Director of Business Development and Field Operations, James D. Lee, who brought considerable senior management skills into the mix.

The projects we have undertaken at MW have led to an explosive sales growth. We have directed our proceeds to the recruitment and training of local personnel and qualifications of Wyoming businesses to provide materials and services.  These investments in Wyoming people and business have impacted four Wyoming communities at present.

— Kent Henry Ph.D, CEO of Electrichlor

MEP's Role

As the company commenced business, they developed a great relationship with a Texas company to design and manufacture ballast water treatment systems. This required that their facility obtain ISO 9001:2015 certification to subsequently further obtain a DNVGL Manufacturer’s Assessment to qualify Electrichlor as a manufacturer of equipment for merchant vessels. MW, part of the MEP National Network™, put together a plan and cost proposal that allowed the company to meet their goals, exceed their goals, and achieve an ROI in less than twelve months, much faster than expected.  James Lee of MW was instrumental at connecting them with businesses across the state that were able to provide materials and services to support the company's business model.  These connections provided them with the confidence and cost-effective solutions that enabled the company to present a much larger set of capabilities to their customers.  In turn, this led to significantly increased business not just for Electrichlor but also several other Wyoming businesses.  Additionally, MW has provided a gateway to creating a mutually beneficial environment for capable and talented students attending the University of Wyoming. 

Created June 2, 2020, Updated July 12, 2021