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FourSquare/TRE Reaps the Benefits of ISO Certification


FourSquareTRE was founded in 1989 as a mold shop and initially focused on quick turnaround production molds and short-run injection molding projects. They have grown to become a full-service injection molding company with a focus on injection molded components, engineering / design support and assembly / finishing services.

The Challenge

FourSquare/TRE had reached a point in its company life where it was advisable to expand its customer base.  They were of the opinion that obtaining ISO certification would provide them with an advantage over their competition in bidding situations and the organizational support needed to accommodate an influx of new business. With that thought in mind, they approached AM&T looking for assistance in moving toward ISO certification.
Through AM&T’s efforts FourSquare/TRE was able to develop and implement an effective ISO 9001 quality management system, under an aggressive schedule, which produced significant improvements in our product yields and provided access to increased numbers of customers.  They were also helpful in providing access to financial resources necessary to acquire funding to support the development of the process and its full implementation.    
— Rick Haddock, President

MEP's Role

AM&T and FourSquare/TRE began a close partnership through which a series of steps were taken to move them toward readiness for certification.
First, FourSquare/TRE’s management attended a detailed briefing intended to provide a uniform understanding of the requirements of the Standard and how they impacted FourSquare/TRE’s operations.
FourSquare/TRE’s ISO representative and AM&T jointly identified the processes which were in place and evaluated each one in terms of its ability to meet the requirements of the ISO Standard. A quality policy manual was prepared which addressed each clause of the ISO Standard and reflected FourSquare/TRE’s method of complying with it. With AM&T’s support, operating procedures were either developed or modified to ensure their conformance to the requirements of the ISO Standard.
Once the implemented system demonstrated proper compliance to the Standard, FourSquare/TRE began the search for a Registrar who could provide certification. FourSquare/TRE’s implemented quality system was officially certified to the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 Standard during the 4th quarter of 2018. This certification was achieved as a result of a very aggressive schedule and resulted in a registrar’s conformance audit that did not identify any non-conformances or opportunities for improvement.  As a result of achieving their certification, FourSquare / TRE has positioned themselves as a logical choice to potential customers who are seeking a source with a proven, well controlled and implemented quality management system.
Created June 2, 2020, Updated July 12, 2021