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Ensuring Quality Work


Since 1977, Direct Wire and Cable and has manufactured cable sets for the welding, power rental, and industrial cable markets.  Direct Wire and Cable is located in Denver, PA, and has 87 employees. In 2013 Direct Manufacturing was established to manufacture insulated wire products for the wire & cable industry.

The Challenge

Direct Manufacturing first engaged with MANTEC, a NIST PA MEP regional office, in 2004 on a LEAN Project.   Since that time, the company regularly turns to MANTEC for guidance and assistance to achieve business objectives.  A major customer required a robust Quality Management System (QMS) to continue as a supplier or secure new work.
MANTEC’s support during a critical transition allowed Direct to sustain manufacturing, improve our quality process, and establish a strong and stable quality department for the future.  MANTEC provides excellent service and often provides insights for other areas to improve.
— Wade Smith, Vice President of Operations

MEP's Role

Senior management desired a customized QMS to model best practices of industry standards so future initiatives will be easy to implement.  MANTEC introduced a Qualified Solutions Provider to implement the appropriate systems, train and develop personnel to manage the quality system.

Most recently, Direct Manufacturing experienced the loss of two employees responsible for the quality function.  With impending customer audits, MANTEC provided the needed resource in less than a week to ensure the standards were met.  During this time, the quality process was documented and improved and the department structure was revised.  The same resource also played a role in hiring two highly qualified individuals.  The transition was smooth as the quality system was well documented.  
Created June 2, 2020, Updated July 12, 2023