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Efficient Layout Design Leads to Improving Products, Processes and People

With the help of: TMAC


Habibi Gourmet, LLC DBA Dip-it, is a dip manufacturing business. Products are yogurt-based and 100% natural with no preservatives. Dip-It offers customers five different dips to choose from including chipotle, cilantro, jalapeño, piquin, and green olive. The product has received incredible recognition in the Rio Grande Valley. The business is based on a history of family recipes that traces back to over 30 years in Mexico.

The Challenge

Eight years after Ms. Pilar Gomez, creator and owner of Dip-it, perfected and introduced her product line of five dips to the market, she secured a contract with HEB (Texas' largest private company and the #1 food retailer in South and Central Texas) to supply 30 stores across the state. To prepare for the increased demand, Ms. Gonzalez planned to move operations to a new 1,200-square-foot location that would house production, storage and distribution.

TMAC has been instrumental in our operational improvements. The coaching they provided in all areas has helped us get stronger and move forward faster.
— Pilar Gonzalez, Owner and CEO

MEP's Role

Ms. Gonzalez turned to TMAC for assistance in planning her new space. TMAC started with a layout design specific to the production area and walk-in cooler. The main objective was to create a layout that efficiently utilizes as much space as possible with a simple (yet effective) flow of materials, people and processes while eliminating transportation waste. TMAC also assisted in the selection and installation of equipment.
Created August 4, 2022, Updated July 7, 2023