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Creating Value Through Innovation


Action Unlimited Resources, Inc., located in New Castle, Delaware, serves the state of Delaware and surrounding areas with janitorial supplies and cleaning equipment, as well as innovative technology to drive results. The company offers facility maintenance and safety supplies, along with hygienic soaps and sanitary paper products.

The Challenge

Action began working with DEMEP,  part of the MEP National Network™, on continuous improvement tools. This inspired the company to ask how they could promote top end growth. They set a “2030 vision” that led them to seek innovation training with DEMEP. The entire company was involved with the training over a six month period. The training began with brainstorming. Many ideas were generated and put through a “funnel” to filter out those with the most potential for success. With each meeting, the direction of the company became clearer. The company wanted to evolve from a product distributor in a crowded marketplace fighting for differentiation to a company known for delivering value with unique solutions.

The innovation training brought organization to our brainstorming process and gave us confidence that we were moving in the right direction. It gave the process credibility. The program itself is methodical and compels you to work through the steps. We were able to come up with innovation ideas that will change the direction of our company. It is very exciting work.
— Aaron D. Glazar, President

MEP's Role

The innovation training led to AUR2 Technology which can be applied to toilets, faucets, soap dispensers and toilet stall availability lighting. The Action Team was able to partner with a company in the UK who had already developed some of this technology, rather than starting to build from scratch. At this stage, the technology is in the pilot stage with several partners, including Delaware’s Christiana Mall, which is piloting the technology in its busiest restroom (the restroom sees traffic of 5,000 users per day!). As they pilot and fine tune the technology and grow this innovation, Action must also continue to maintain their core business of supplying equipment.

Created June 2, 2020, Updated July 12, 2021