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Advent Design: How Strategic Planning Led to Increased Sales, Jobs and Savings


Advent Design Corporation is an ISO 9001-certified, award-winning company that provides businesses with custom engineering solutions. Located in the Historic Mill of Bristol, PA, Advent provides an array of services aimed at helping U.S. manufacturers become more competitive in a global economy.  It is the breadth of services — all focused on the unique needs of manufacturing — that differentiates Advent Design from other engineering companies, custom equipment builders, product development firms, and contract manufacturers. Each individual service the business offers is designed to complement and enhance each of the other services that Advent Design provides.  The company has approximately 125 employees.

The Challenge

For the past few years, Advent Design experienced historic growth, both organically and inorganically. The business had significantly grown its Tesco Brand within the utility market, and had developed new products under that brand, while sustaining and making more profitable its contract equipment manufacturing and contract packaging/distribution business. Company leaders had also looked at many acquisition targets and successfully made three acquisitions within two years. Prior to and during this period of growth, company ownership sought the help of DVIRC to look at the business strategically to ensure future success.

MEP's Role

Advent Design was looking for strategic help with the business in a few areas, but overall, Advent's goal was to get some outside perspective. They asked DVIRC to evaluate and value their business.  In addition, their Management team wanted some outside help with Strategic Planning and implementation of that Strategic Plan throughout the year. Lastly, the company’s owners joined DVIRC’s Executive Network Groups to gain counsel from other local manufacturing business owners to strengthen management decisions and decision-making, planning, troubleshooting and bench-marking. DVIRC’s Network Groups provide a unique opportunity for business leaders from various industries to come together in a confidential setting to share and solve common challenges, adopt best practices, and gain new leadership skills.

Created June 2, 2020, Updated July 12, 2021