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Rescue Local Brewery Brand Operation


Destileria Nacional Inc. was incorporated in 2012 in Carolina, Puerto Rico to set up a craft micro-brewery.  From 2012 to the later part of 2015 the company was engaged in acquiring the formula and assets of a local beer company- Old Harbor – located in old San Juan, Puerto Rico, that had filed for Bankruptcy. Once this was completed Destileria Nacional Inc. was prepared to start its business concept.  

The Challenge

As a start-up, the owners commenced operations without local and federal permits and documents related to their process, in a building that was under the previous owner and had not registered the manufacturing activity with PRIDCO and PR Treasury Department. Personnel from this last entity visited the premises and since it had no permits place the operation “on-hold".

Starting this new business we have to deal with significant municipal, commonwealth, and federal government bureaucracy, permits, certifications, records, meeting, applications, compliance and tracking of all types of issues. PRiMEX has been the lighthouse that leads us through this complex process. Without the experience and guidance of PRiMEX we have no possibility of reaching our goals. PRiMEX is so far one of our best investments.
— William Cruz MD, President

MEP's Role

Management contacted PRiMEX to assist them in obtaining and complying with all required local and federal permits and facilitating the ownership/rental process of the building.  Of highest priority were services related to the alcohol licenses and approval of the seven (7) beer formulas and labels per the Puerto Rico Treasury Department's regulations. Information was forwarded to the corresponding agencies and the brewery activities again re-initiated. Immediately actions were also put in place to complete a building rental agreement with PRIDCO, obtain a manufacturer’s ID to avoid excise tax on purchases.  Filings for   industrial incentives and tax exemptions to further reduce manufacturing costs are in progress.


Created June 2, 2020, Updated July 12, 2021