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Rapid Rope Keeps You From Getting Tied Up in Knots

With the help of: TechHelp


Invented by Chris Rodgers, Rapid Rope® is a uniquely designed, compact rope dispensing system that neatly stores 120 feet of commercial-grade flat braid poly rope rated at 1,100 pounds of strength, making it usable for nearly every rope application. The convenient weather-resistant and shatterproof Rapid Rope canister has an insert that allows the rope to be cut to the desired length so users don't get tied up in knots.  Replacement cartridges are available to make it easy to always have rope on hand.


Rapid Rope is patent-pending and currently sells in the United States and Japan, with product samples currently in the United Kingdom and Australia.

The Challenge

As an electrical lineman by trade and an avid outdoorsman, Chris Rodgers was always using rope. But when he needed a piece of rope there was none within reach, it was not the right size or strength, it was knotted up and tangled, or he had no way to cut it to size.


Chris knew there had to be a better way, so he began experimenting with storing rope in Pringles cans and water bottles. He knew he was on to something and decided to seek professional assistance to further develop his idea. He wanted to not only create a useful product but also wanted it done in a way that would educate the consumer about what the product was. He reached out to engineering firms but found were expensive, wanted to work on a fast timeline, and didn’t always listen to his ideas. He sought out molding assistance, which was also expensive. A local molding company recommended that he get in touch with TechHelp, a member of the MEP National Network™. His wife, a Boise State University nursing graduate, knew of TechHelp’s New Product Development (NPD) Lab at the College of Engineering and encouraged him to reach out for help.>

TechHelp was willing to work with me at my own pace on little pieces of the product at a time. It was great working with the entire NPD team including the students and management. The whole process was awesome.
— Chris Rodgers, Owner

MEP's Role

Chris connected with Calvin Allen, Blaise Lawless, and Blake Young at TechHelp’s NPD Lab and worked over a nine-year period to bring his idea to life. The project required a lot of research and development but was cost-effective and done at the pace of a family man who had a full-time job. Rodgers worked with TechHelp on discreet pieces of the project when he had time and budget. The TechHelp staff was receptive and listened to all of Chris’s ideas which made the process more effective and enjoyable. While developing canister prototypes, the team had to discover the best way to engineer the product and accommodate the unique commercial rope to be included in the canister.  Rodgers chose to use a flat rope that has twice the strength of traditional round 550 cord and is soft, fray resistant, easy to untie, and doesn’t burn on the edges.
Created June 2, 2020, Updated July 12, 2021