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Puerto Rico Company Leads the Way in Quality


Opti Manufacturing Corporation is a family-owned company based in Luquillo, Puerto Rico. Opti’s feature product is a unique cable tensiometer, and it also specializes in wiring harness and cable assemblies for aerospace and military applications. A takeover of the former HTL Caribe plant, a subsidiary of Pacific Scientific Company, Opti acquired the rights to manufacture, sell, and service all Pacific Scientific Aircraft products in 1990. Throughout the years the company has gained expertise in a wide variety of products, from simple interconnect cables to completely environmentally sealed, multi-connection assemblies suitable for use in harsh environments. With around 15 employees, Opti Manufacturing is one of the few third tier companies in Puerto Rico.

The Challenge

Opti Manufacturing was in search of new aerospace business opportunities. Most of the potential prospects were requesting both AS9100 registration and ISO 9100:2015, and Opti needed to revamp its operation with an emphasis on its quality program. The company reached out to PRiMEX, part of the MEP National Network, for assistance in completing both ISO re-certifications in a short time frame and at minimal cost.
Very grateful for the help, constant effort, professionalism and quality. At Opti Manufacturing Corporation, we consider PRiMEX an essential part of our success, so we share our achievement with them and give them a lot of credit for it.
— David Aguayo , Financial Director

MEP's Role

Consultants from PRiMEX worked with Opti to define and set up a project plan to meet the recertification requirements, documenting and implementing ISO 9001 and AS 9100 quality standards as needed. They re-trained Opti management and staff, refreshed the quality manuals, and updated Opti's workflows and instructions. Next, they prepared internal auditors from Opti for re-certification, completing risk assessments and validating the document control process. A ISO registrar visited the company and found zero non-conformances, making Opti the first and only tier three company in Puerto Rico with AS 9100D: 2016 certification up to 2021.

The quality upgrade enabled Opti to launch new products and gain additional customers. The company invested in cable laser marking and added numerous well-paying jobs to keep up with demand.
Created January 30, 2021, Updated July 12, 2021