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P.G. Adams Addresses Growth Strategy with VMEC Growth project


P.G. Adams, Inc., established in South Burlington, Vermont, in 1968, is known for some of the largest metal forming equipment in the Northeastern United States. They fabricate truck frames for the heavy duty trucking industry nationwide. The company employs 14 full-time workers at their family-owned business, now managed by the daughter of the original owners. P.G. Adams produces hi-tensile steel truck frames in lengths up to 48' and more. These "C" channel truck frames are fabricated to order and custom sized to fit the customer’s medium or heavy duty truck.  P.G. Adams provides the fastest truck frame production in the industry - shop lead time for custom frame rails is 24 hours. The company’s newest truck frame product is Easy-Bolt Truck Frames with holes. The customer provides a frame rail from their truck and P.G. Adams produces a set of rails to match the customer's specifications.  P.G. Adams Easy-Bolt truck frames are ready to install, guaranteed to fit, cost hundreds of dollars less than manufacturer replacements and are fabricated within 10-14 business days compared to months for frames from other sources.

The Challenge

In 2015 P.G. Adams made a large investment in a Cincinnati press brake (52’ and 3000 ton capacity). The new press brake was needed to reduce risk (as a backup to the existing brake) and to increase manufacturing capabilities, as the current brake was limited to 36’ and was pushing the limit to bend some lengths and thicknesses. With the new press brake installed, P.G. Adams sought help from VMEC to boost top line revenues (especially of the Easy Bolt Frames), and to improve front office and shop operations to handle the new volume without increasing costs, compromising quality or increasing lead times.  
We always look to VMEC for their expertise in systems development and manufacturing best practices. VMEC is a valued partner in our quest for continuous improvement.
— Ashley Adams, Vice President

MEP's Role

VMEC entered into an “Ongoing Advisory Services” contract with P.G. Adams to provide consulting services ranging from marketing assistance to front office process improvement to workplace organization and visual systems. VMEC provided assistance to develop marketing messages for different customer segments, describing the new capabilities and product offerings. These were used in a new company brochure and email marketing campaign. The flow of information in the office and shop for both quotes and production orders was analyzed using process mapping along with input from all users to identify problems, test improvements and implement solutions. Solutions included new visuals in the office to track shipments, increasing daily communications between the shop floor and the office, and providing additional order information to the shop,  allowing them to best sequence work to meet their ambitious lead times. P.G. Adams Easy Bolt Truck frame sales have increased without increasing shop lead times or quality problems. The company continues to work on improving workflow and quality systems.
Created June 2, 2020, Updated July 12, 2021