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New Leadership Finds Direction through GrowthWheel Assessment


Located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Mustang Coatings specializes in industrial shop-blasting and the application of industrial coatings.  The company provides both single and multi-coat systems, including waterborne and solvent-based coatings, epoxies, enamels, urethanes, silicates and organic zincs on a variety of metals.  With National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) trained and certified inspectors on staff, Mustang Coatings ensures each job is given the attention it deserves through their comprehensive in-house quality control program. 

The Challenge

With the sudden passing of the company owner, a leadership team needed to be put in place quickly. General Manager Pat Crawford had been with the company for thirteen years and was chosen to lead the team.  In order to fulfill his new role successfully Mr. Crawford needed direction and leadership training, training which was ultimately provided by several economic development organizations, including the MEP of Louisiana (MEPOL), part of the MEP National Network™.

MEPOL has been a vital part of the success of our company. It has opened up new ways to preform everyday tasks like our daily and weekly meetings, which has opened up communication of our estimating to production to our sales force. Giving people the responsibility that is needed has the company running smoothly. It was a rough transition when our owner passed suddenly but with the guidance of Mr. Scott Uffman, we are going to exceed all expectations.
— Pat Crawford, General Manager

MEP's Role

MEP of Louisiana’s Business Development Director, Scott Uffman, was contacted by the Louisiana Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC), who referred Mustang Coatings to him after the owner’s passing.  The company was in need of direction, which the MEP of Louisiana provided with the Growth Wheel assessment.  Starting with the four cornerstones of a business (Business Concept, Customer Relations, Organization and Operations), Uffman was able to determine the focus areas.  By leveraging the management team’s input, he was able to determine what areas needed to be addressed first: sales & service, external market position, employees and internal production & deliveries.  A goal was set for the company to determine which decisions and actions needed completing within 30, 60 and 90 days.  Overall, the client used the GrowthWheel portal to see progress and areas of concern.


After putting a leadership team in place and completing the GrowthWheel assessment to manage a crisis situation, the company is ultimately running successfully.  Not only did Mr. Crawford complete the GrowthWheel assessment with his new team, but he also participated in the Louisiana Economic Development (LED) CEO Roundtable for professional development training.  The company discovered the need to address sales and marketing through GrowthWheel and have since applied for Economic Gardening through LED as well.

Created June 2, 2020, Updated July 12, 2021