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Packaging Company Implements Quality Program


Creative Packaging Company has been providing custom-designed solutions and products for the protective packaging, construction, pharmaceutical distribution, and temperature sensitive distribution markets for more than 20 years. Located in Shelbyville, Kentucky, the company has around 65 employees.

The Challenge

Creative Packaging Company had a quality management system (QMS) in place; however, it did not follow a standardized system as robust as the ISO 9001 standard. Company leaders recognized the value of the ISO 9001 process approach to implementing a QMS. ISO 9001 compliance would support management in reviewing data to ensure alignment with the company’s goals and help build a culture of continuous improvement at the plant. Furthermore, the facility included manufacturing for pharmaceutical distribution, an industry that places more emphasis on operating within an established quality system.
AKA takes the time to not just educate, but also stay with us to implement lasting improvements on our shop floor. I would highly recommend AKA to anyone who wants to implement real change.
— Kevin Lyons, President

MEP's Role

Seeking guidance in achieving ISO 9001 certification, Creative Packaging Company reached out to Advantage Kentucky Alliance (AKA), part of the MEP National Network™. AKA assisted the Creative Packaging Company team in establishing goals for key processes and evaluating existing systems, graphically representing process flows to uncover the reasons for why certain objectives were not being met. Through training and communication, AKA assisted the company in introducing the new quality standards to the manufacturing team, providing tools to help employees take ownership of the system from a quality assurance approach.

Creative Packaging Company used ISO 9001 as a framework for its transition to a culture of “data-driven” decision-making. The company produced records based on data from various processes, identified weaknesses, and successfully implemented the ISO 9001 quality standards. The achievement had a positive impact on sales and cost savings. The company added jobs and increased its investment in plant and equipment upgrades to better serve its customers and improve its bottom line.
Created July 8, 2020, Updated July 12, 2021