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Gur-Meat keeps on its Growth Path


Gur-Meat, Inc. is a processor and manufacturer of high-quality meat products. The company uses local livestock and manufactures low-fat and and preservative-free sausages. Gur-Meat was established in 2009 and has 29 employees.

The Challenge

After a financial restructuring in 2013, Gur-Meat improved its supplier base, increased direct labor, obtained a higher line of credit, and increased its cash flow and control over material requirements planning. Following these developments, Gur-Meat wanted to increase their sales by introducing new products and entering new markets in order to maximize operations capacity.

We will continue to work with PRiMEX on a long-term relationship to strategically help our business grow.
— Mariely Ramos, President

MEP's Role

PRiMEX, part of the MEP National Network, worked with Gur-Meat's management to expand the company's business improvement plan based on financial and operational analyses findings.

The expanded plan included the development and implementation of a well-articulated marketing plan to improve Gur-Meat’s presence in local and export markets. A Lean performance consultant worked closely with Gur-Meat’s operations staff to identify continuous improvement opportunities and implement effective business solutions in pursuance of lower costs, improved quality, and better customer service. A PRiMEX marketing consultant continues to provide on-going marketing support.
Created December 10, 2021