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Filler Machine Gets Equipment Upgrade, Boosts Capacity


Gascó Industrial Corp. is a family enterprise that manufactures a realm of industrial cleaning and hygiene products, including detergents, disinfectants, soaps, and degreasers. Located in Gurabo, Puerto Rico, Gascó has around 25 employees. The company's manufacturing process involves formulating, mixing, bottling, and packaging cleaning products with a variety of applications, from automotive use to pool maintenance and laundry.

The Challenge

Gascó was experiencing inefficiencies in the production process due to its bottle filling operation. The company’s automatic filling equipment had problems with inconsistent filling volumes, defective caps, and label positioning, and Gascó was struggling to produce enough gallons per hour to meet customer demand. The company added five employees to the operation, including two people to align the position of the caps at the end of the line. The situation was creating delivery and cost problems as Gascó employees had to work overtime in order to meet customer due dates.
We are very satisfied with the results obtained by PRiMEX’s personnel in resolving one of the most severe productivity and quality problems we had. We plan to continue using their expertise as much as we can.
— Dan Bigman, President

MEP's Role

Gascó contacted PRiMEX, part of the MEP National Network™, for assistance in improving the bottle filling process. PRiMEX consultants reviewed the company's entire manufacturing process, including set-ups, cycle efficiencies, material handling, and equipment (OEM) capacity. Following the assessment, PRiMEX engaged a third-party expert in automation to schedule and complete the necessary repairs and setups to bring the machine back to its needed capacity. They recommended implementing line process reviews, machinery schematics, and sensor adjustments, and installing new dies in the equipment. In addition, PRiMEX provided production line trainings for Gascó employees. The company increased production significantly, decreasing the need for overtime and opening opportunities for additional sales.
Created January 16, 2021, Updated July 12, 2021