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Tools and Instruments

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NanoFab Tool: AnnealSys RTA

The AnnealSys model AS-Master is a single wafer rapid thermal process system supports anneal processing in the NanoFab cleanroom. This tools supports anneals

NanoFab Tool: CEE Apogee Spinner

The CEE Apogee is a resist spinner system. The tool is used to uniformly apply photoresist on substrates ranging from 200 mm diameter wafers down to small

NanoFab Tool: Envirco Laminar Hood

The Envirco 1.8 m laminar hood provides soft lithography lab users a clean environment to perform final assembly processes on PDMS samples. The hood is capable

NanoFab Tool: Mercury Probe

The Four Dimensions CV92A mercury probe system provides non-destructive and rapid measurement of current-voltage and capacitance-voltage curves to derive

NanoFab Tool: Microwave Asher

The microwave plasma system is used for photoresist descum/removal and wafer cleaning. The system is equipped with a hand free door opening system for easy

NanoFab Tool: PDMS Casting Station

The CNST NanoFab PDMS casting station consists of a Hamilton Safeaire fume hood which houses a Smart Coater 100 spinner, a Dataplate digital hot plate, an Ohaus

NanoFab Tool: RCA Wet Bench B102

The Reynolds RCA wet bench is used to remove organic and metal contamination from the surfaces of substrates prior to high temperature furnace processing. The