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NanoFab Tool: ULVAC Solutions ENVIRO-1Xa Downstream Plasma Asher


The ULVAC Solutions ENVIRO-1Xa downstream plasma asher will remove more than 1 µm of photoresist per minute and clean substrates without damaging their surfaces. The tool forms the plasma remotely and, to protect the surfaces, the desired particles are channeled to the wafer to insure that the highest energy ions in the plasma do not impact the substrate. The tool can accommodate substrates ranging from 200 mm diameter wafers down to small pieces.


  • High efficiency downstream plasma source.
  • Ash rate: > 1 µm/min.
  • Cassette to cassette operation.
  • Process gases: oxygen, argon, trifluoromethane, and tetrafluoromethane.

Usage Information

Supported Sample Sizes

  • Maximum wafer diameter: 200 mm (8 in).
  • Small pieces supported: Yes.

Typical Applications

  • Photoresist ashing.
  • Substrate descum.
  • Substrate cleaning.
Created July 15, 2015, Updated November 9, 2020