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High-throughput Scanning Near-Infrared Spectroscopic Reflectometer

Thermochromic Mapping

Example of thermochromic mapping of a V(1-x)NbxO2 combinatorial sample showing (left) variation of Nb content as a function of sample position, (middle) the variation in the thermochromic phase transformation as a function of Nb content, and (right) examples of reflectance versus temperature curves for different compositions of Nb.

This tool is for high-throughput measurement of the near-infrared spectroscopic reflectance of thin film combinatorial library samples at temperatures ranging from 274 K to 358 K. Samples as large as 7.62 cm in diameter can be measured with an areal spatial resolution of < 1 mm2. The instrument provides full reflectance spectra from wavelengths of 400 nm to 2500 nm as a function of temperature.

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A translation stage with 100 mm of travel in the sample x and y direction.


Thermoelectric heater/chiller sample stage with a calibrated temperature range of 274 K to 358 K


White light source with nominal wavelength range from 360 nm to 2400 nm


Fiber-optic coupled NIR spectrometer with a detection range of 900–2500 nm and UV-VIS spectrometer with a detection range of 200 nm to 850 nm.


System is contained within a Plexiglass dry chamber flushed with nitrogen-enriched air to prevent condensation

Scientific Opportunities/Applications

Thermochromic materials, optical materials

Created August 22, 2017, Updated November 15, 2019