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Helium Ion Microscope

Helium Ion Microscope
  • Field ion source delivers helium ions to sample. Images with secondary electrons or scattered ions.
  • Silicon drift detector for energy resolution on backscattered ions
  • Different contrast mechanisms than an electron microscope allowing complementary surface analysis and improved depth of field
  • Resolution of 0.35 nm
  • Electron flood gun allows for charge compensation and, in turn, imaging of dielectrics including biological samples
  • Manufacturer/Model: Zeiss Orion

Research Highlights:

  • Scanning Transmission Ion Microscopy (STIM) with helium ions: This work by Taylor Woehl, Ryan White, and Bob Keller represents the first demonstration of using He ions, rather than electrons, in transmission mode to image a sample with a dedicated detector (manuscript accepted to the journal Microscopy & Microanalysis).
    STIM imaging
    (Left) Schematic of helium ion beam, thin sample, and ion detector placement; (Center) Dark field STIM image of silica-coated gold nanoparticles on thin carbon showing atomic number contrast; (Right) Monte Carlo simulations of angular ion scattering distributions for STIM imaging.
Created June 8, 2016, Updated November 15, 2019