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DynaPro-LSR 99-E-15 Dynamic Light Scattering

Location: N/A


  • Uses: Measuring the particle size (hydrodynamic radius) in solution and the corresponding diffusion coefficient
  • Particle Size Probed: 1 nm to 1 mm in hydrodynamic radius
  • Sample Volume: 45 ml quartz cuvettes
  • Temperature Range: 0 °C to 60 °C
  • Data Acquisition Time: 1 to 360 seconds per interval
  • Software Interface: Dynamics™ data collection and analysis software.
  • Hardware Interface: 248 channel autocorrelator with multi-tau scheme starting at 0.48 msec.
  • Laser Power Control: 10% - 100%.
  • Wavelength: 783 nm
  • Sample Volume: 45 ml quartz cuvettes (image)

Usage Information

Access Information

Please inquire with one of the listed contacts about the availability of the instrument prior to using it.

Created May 16, 2011, Updated October 31, 2012