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Cary 50 Searies UV-VIS Spectrometer

Location: N/A


UV-VIS Spectrometer

  • Specifications are given in a pdf file.
  • An article was published outlining how the Varian is able to study photochemical reactions in situ.

UV-VIS Cells

The cells hold approximately 3ml of sample.

Single Cell Peltier Thermostatted Cell Holder

The single cell peltier cell holder can be used with the Cary 50 to perform measurements at fixed temperatures and also includes an inbuilt electromagnetic stirring mechanism for ease of use. It is ideal for single cell kinetics measurements where accurate temperature control is required. It consists of a single 10 mm cell holder and a temperature control module. It also features electromagnetic stirring.

Created September 13, 2011, Updated October 30, 2013