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Automated Scanning Electron Microscope

The ASPEX Personal SEM (PSEM) is a tungsten filament scanning electron microscope optimized for automated particle analysis. The system was designed with staging, scan control and detector geometries optimized for sizing and measuring the composition of particles in the 0.5 micrometer to 100 micrometer range.  The PSEM is capable of ~1,000 particles per hour throughput when collecting both size and compositional data and ~10,000 particles per hour when collecting only sizing data. The resulting data sets can be mined for population statistics or needle-in-the-haystack type analyses.


* Imaging:
   Down to sub-micron sized features
   Secondary Electron Detection
   Backscattered Electron Detection (Composition/Topographic modes)
* X-ray Microanalysis:
   30 mm2 SDD capable of >20,000 cps on Cu at 1 nA
   Standards-based quantification
* Automated Analysis:
   0.5 to 100 micrometer particles
   Best for Z>12 on carbon substrates
   1,000 particles per hour (Composition+Sizing)
   10,000 particles per hour (Sizing only)
* Sample types (common):
   GSR Prep (sticky carbon on ½" pin mount)
   Dispersion on pyrolytic carbon planchet

Scientific Opportunities/Applications

* Environmental (air/water/surface)
* Industrial Quality Control
* Forensic

Usage Information

Access Information

Collaborative opportunities for projects that fall within the Surface and Microanalysis Science Division missions space. Contact Nicholas Ritchie to discuss possible collaborations.

Created March 23, 2009, Updated January 20, 2022