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Usability for Biometric Systems

With the plans for integrating biometrics into many areas of government and public life, the importance of usability research has increased. As we began to

Vapor Sampling in the Field

We develop and deploy portable vapor sampling instruments to collect detailed chemical information in the field, in sampling situations where the laboratory is

Vehicular Network System

The Public Safety Communications Research (PSCR) program is analyzing the feasibility of cost-effective, vehicle mounted satellite infrastructure links in order

Video Analytics

The Multimodal Information Group's (MIG) video analytics program includes several activities contributing to the development of technologies that extract

Virtual Measurements

Compared with conventional, physical measurements, the cost of computational modeling continues to drop. This has driven many industries to incorporate

Vision science

The Vision Science program was established to develop new photometric and colorimetric standards based on vision science to facilitate development of emerging


ITL researchers realize that visualization of scientific data can provide an understanding of the phenomenon or data being studied. Visualization can be

Water Measurement Science

NIST Standard Reference Database 10The Material Measurement Lab provides measurements, standards, and data to ensure availability and sustainability of our

Water Use in High-Performance Buildings

An objective of EL’s Net-Zero Energy, High-Performance Buildings research program is greater sustainability and energy-efficiency across the built environment

Waveform Metrology Project

Today's economy relies on high-speed communications that ride fiber-optic networks, and CTL physicists play a crucial role in providing the means to test the


Many enterprises have become driven by digital data, including manufacturing, engineering, and scientific domains. With the ubiquity of Web browsers and Web