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Interdisciplinary Projects

Some of the Multimodal Information Group's project areas span across multiple research areas within the group or to other groups in IAD. These interdisciplinary

Iris Challenge Evaluation (ICE)

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) conducted and managed the Iris Challenge Evaluation (ICE) projects. The ICE 2005 was a technology

Iris Exchange (IREX) Overview

The Iris Exchange (IREX) was initiated at NIST to expand iris recognition capabilities and support a marketplace of iris-based applications based on

Iris Experts Group - II Homepage

A forum for the discussion of technical questions of interest to USG agencies and their staff that are employing or may employ iris recognition to carry out

Machine Translation

The Multimodal Information Group's machine translation (MT) program includes several activities contributing to machine translation technology and metrology

Multiple Biometric Evaluation (MBE)

Structure MBE Re-organization 2009-11-14: In order to produce a more comprehensive evaluation and incorporate our sponsor's requirements, we are

Multiple Biometric Grand Challenge (MBGC)

The primary goal of the MBGC is to investigate, test and improve performance of face and iris recognition technology on both still and video imagery through a

Next Generation Fingerprint Technologies

Conventional fingerprint capture technologies for criminal justice have steadily evolved over the past 3 decades in the following progression: inked fingers on

Speaker and Language Recognition

Our Speaker and Language Recognition program includes several activities contributing to speaker and language recognition technology and metrology advancements

Speech Analytics

The Multimodal Information Group's speech analytics program has a long history of activities supporting the development of technologies that extract content

Tattoo Recognition Technology

The Tattoo Recognition Technology Program features a family of activities designed with goals to evaluate and measure image-based tattoo recognition technology