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Forensic Images Used for NIST/CFTT File Carving Test Reports


This page contains links to dd images used for testing by CFTT of software applications with file carving capabilities. File carving is the practice of extracting files based on content, rather than on metadata. Extracting files from unallocated blocks is accomplished by identifying unique headers and footers associated with a specific file type.
Currently only images for carving graphic (jpg, gif, png, etc) files  and video files are available.

Graphic files

The dd images and layouts for graphic files can be down loaded from:

The dd files are constructed from the following graphic files:

Video Files

The dd files for video files:

The original video files used to construct the dd files:


Test Images

A total of 8 dd images were created (for graphic files). Scripts for creating test images and analyzing test results:  Scripts (zip format)

Downloading the Test Images

The images are compressed with bzip2. To uncompress an image, run the bunzip2 program on the image. The command will look something like:
bunzip2 filename.bz2


MD5 for Download Files 82b70933ba14ff6f3d56c495f874731d d73c95e12ea3a236da668219d7518ead
graphic-images.tbz2 bdc3bf33f5b818ba8368bdd016db6b7b
graphic-src.tbz2 0e9a38012b5f1a59a1e9537c6ab39ece bac7946961e8b0826aa6a7b717810f94 57518f6d6afa96676926b6512fa4178e b8e4a27b35cbd54cf4ced16453a68eb2
images.tar.bz2 1ada61960134a59e6d442e365045bbd1
video-src.tar.bz2 f7ecaf1e74f3e94f4dcb37b59e8f884f



SHA1 for Download Files 7b882bf72b941a77744280e12ba4df214172ef8c d2f703ce537e0632414f907e08c65eed67a3f17f 26b6641fc41834acfbdd9bc5ec4a8c57033cff71
graphic-images.tbz2 7cf043d23cd92103a6c8b7811c5384ed533bfd54
graphic-src.tbz2 3f81f5fa2a1d295e95d9924bb9c66073f12baa0c f009e84b8f27b22bde4d593b85a50946fe1c9603 a93e5aca9cb55bd7116921e1a2cf8e69a0f4392a
images.tar.bz2 4e123ac96edd629fe9eb2094fab76d947139dd76
video-src.tar.bz2 083840b5f6612e42d72d5ab2f4357c1c5b2983ff
Created December 18, 2017