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CFReDS Current Data Sets

These are prototype data sets for public comment (JLYLE@NIST.GOV). Some test sets are multi-skill holistic cases, e.g., the hacking case while other test sets are focused on specific skills, e.g., non-English text searching in the Russian Tea Room case.

Data Set Description
Hacking Case Any names in the image are fictional and do no refer to real people.
Data Leakage Case Large, complex image involving intellectual property theft
Registry Forensics Data Set for testing MS Windows Registry Extraction Tools
Drone Images Images from 60 drones and associated controllers, connected mobile devices and computers
Russian Tea Room Unicode string search in Russian or English (Bigendian)
asb imageddE01 Unicode string search in Russian (UTF-8)
Create a reference drive Create a drive with known hash values. The creation process also verifies that the computer hardware and the drive are working as expected.
Basic Mac image Mac File Systems (HP OS Extended Journaling, HP OS Extended, HP OS Standard & Unix) 
Rhino Hunt Look for images (of a rhinoceros) in an image file and network traces. 
Memory Images Live memory capture images
DCFL DCFL Control image
Mobile Device Images Chip-off /JTAG binary images
Container Files String searching on container and nested container files
Deleted File Recovery Metadata based deleted file recovery images
File Carving Basic file carving images 
File Carving CFTT Images Images used for CFTT file carving test reports


Federated Testing Test Data Sets

(only use these data sets with Federated Testing) 

Data Set


String Search, Version 1.1

String Search Test Data for use with Federated Testing 4.0 and later.


CFReDS Discontinued Data Sets

Created December 13, 2017, Updated October 7, 2019