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Prepublication NIST 800-16, Information Technology Security Training Requirements: a Role- and Performance-Based Model

Preliminary Draft (June 2019) of NIST SP 800-16 Rev 2 – Cybersecurity Role Profiles for Training


Pivot Table enabled Spreadsheet to explore Competencies and KSAs

Draft NISTIR 8193, Framework Work Role Capability Indicators: Indicators for Performing Work Roles

Capability indicators are recommended education, certification, training, experiential learning, and continuous learning that could signal an increased ability to perform a given NICE Framework work role.


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Cybersecurity Framework

Appendix D of NIST SP 800-181

Article on NICE Framework Meets Cybersecurity Framework

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NIST Cybersecurity Practice Guides

Multifactor Authentication for E-Commerce – see appendix A
Privileged Account Management for the Financial Services Sector – see table 3-1

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Privacy Framework

One of four implementation areas is on workforce. 

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Baldrige Cybersecurity Initiative

See section 5 on workforce. 

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Created November 11, 2019, Updated December 18, 2019