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Social Media Resources

What You Can Do With Social MediaSocial Media Text & Images | Sample Email 

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What You Can Do With Social Media

Here are a few ways to help inspire, engage, and inform the public about the demand, opportunities, and multiple career options available within the area of cybersecurity:

  • Follow @NISTcyber and @nist on Twitter, like NIST on Facebook & NICE LinkedIn to share Cybersecurity Career Week updates with your social media followers.
  • Create your own social media posts. Sample images can be found below.
  • Use the hashtag #cybercareerweek or #mycyberjob when talking about Cybersecurity Career Week on social media.
  • Send emails to your organization’s lists. A template is found below or create your own based on the key messaging.
  • Download, print, and share the “save the date” artwork.
  • Invite connections to get involved by sending them to, and encouraging them to enter their own commitment.

Social Media Text & Images

Copy & paste the text to your social media channels


Save the Date! #cybercareerweek Cybersecurity Career Week is the third week in October! 

Join @xxxorg during #cybercareerweek, to learn more about the careers in cybersecurity. Visit to learn more.

Join @NISTCyber during #cybercareerweek to learn more about the careers in cybersecurity and how the field supports #STEMcareers. Visit to learn more.

I’m supporting #cybercareerweek. Join us as we promote careers in cybersecurity.

I’m speaking at XXXX about #mycyberjob to support #cybercareerweek.

Can’t wait to see all the exciting activities to share with my students during #cybercareerweek. See more at

Hey #mycyberjob professionals. Share your stories to spread the word about #cybercareerweek! 

Expand beyond Cybersecurity Career Week. Join us at the #NICECyberCon and the #NICEK12 Conference. Learn more: and

Download additional sample tweets 

How are you promoting Cybersecurity Career Week? Send your photos to nccaw [at] or post to #cybercareerweek or @NISTCyber. We’d love to hear how you promoted Cybersecurity Career Week!

Facebook/Linkedin/Web Meetings:

Use a Facebook Frame. To add a Facebook Frame, click on your profile photo in Facebook and select option to “Add Frame”, then search for any of the frames listed below:


Share your personal success stories about entering the cybersecurity field.

Share information about your college, university, or Career Technical Education (CTE) cybersecurity program.

Share information about your cybersecurity after-school program, summer camp, or competition.

How are you promoting Cybersecurity Career Week? Send your photos to ccaw [at] or post to #cybercareerweek or @NISTCyber. We’d love to hear how you promoted Cybersecurity Career Week!

Download zip file: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Web Meeting Backgrounds

Social media graphics:

Click to download and attach any of the following graphics to the posts above:

Sample Email

 Personal Invitation to participate - sample email below or download the template here.

Cybersecurity Career Week Personal Invitation Email Sample

Subject: Observe Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week
Dear [NAME],

Cybersecurity careers are a growing segment of the nation’s workforce needs and a great opportunity for both students choosing their future career and adults who are looking for a new career field. Currently there are over 450,000 jobs open national in cybersecurity and the global cybersecurity workforce is expected to experience a shortfall of 1.8 million cybersecurity professionals by 2022. There are multiple career options and numerous pathways to enter the cybersecurity career field. To help spread the word, help us observe Cybersecurity Career Week during the third week in October.

The Cybersecurity Career Week, brought to you by the National Initiative for Cybersecurity (NICE), is a week-long campaign that provides an opportunity to learn about the contributions and innovations of cybersecurity practitioners, and the plethora of job opportunities that can be found when exploring cybersecurity as a career choice.

During the week, learners of all ages, educators, parents, employers, and the community participate in the recognition of how cybersecurity plays a vital role in global society and --showcasing how building a nation’s cybersecurity workforce enhances each nation’s security and promotes economic prosperity.

During the week educators, parents, students, employers, government partners, and the community are exposed to cybersecurity workforce opportunities, the variety of cybersecurity careers, and existing and emerging educational pathways. The campaign utilizes a variety of social media and web-based information sources to provide resources and showcase partner activities that explain what a cybersecurity professional does and how an individual can enter this exciting career field.

I urge you to go to the website for Cybersecurity Career Week [] to learn more and see how you can get involved. 

Thanks for participating,

Insert name and signature information

Created October 29, 2019, Updated April 21, 2023